Victorian Kitchen
The Victorian Kitchen at the Cottage

Rossendale Civic Trust Started in 2001 when Rawtenstall Civic Society merged with the older Haslingden Civic Trust.

Both were founded, like all civic societies, to promote good architecture and town planning of all periods across the area. we endeavour to look to the future without sacrificing our heritage. Introducing progressive ideas and new technology without losing the sprit or character of the place where we live. A belief we have fought for and will continue to do so as long as we can.

As a registered charity, whose aims include research and education, we have built up a large archive of material on the local environment which we publish and exhibit from time to time. This information is also used in our work wit the local Council on determining local Planning Applications.

We also own and operate the Weavers’ Cottage. A local heritage in Rawtenstall which is run by volunteers over summer weekends. Please visit that page if you want more information.

Our committee meets on the first Friday of every month at the Weavers’ Cottage and members are welcome to attend and join the discussion.

As a volunteer organisation everyone involved gives their time freely, both in expertise and enthusiasm. Membership is open to everyone and like all Civic Societies in the UK we are always looking for new members

For more information please contact us or feel free to come down to the Cottage when we are open!


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