In 1947 the Government introduced a system of Listing buildings of National importance to give them statutory protection from demolition or unsympathetic change. This ‘Listing’ process stayed very much the same until the early 1980s, when a new programme of Listing took place and hundreds of new properties were added to the National List. It was then realised that many buildings and other features of the local environment, whilst not of National importance, were highly regarded and loved by local people. In the1990s the Government introduced ‘Local Listing’ to safeguard these at local level- although not given national statutory protection, they were to be given due consideration by Local Councils when affected by Planning Applications. The Lists were be compiled by Councils in co-operation with local community groups.

In Rossendale, local Societies and interested individuals formed a group known as the Rossendale Heritage Network and drew up a List which was duly presented to the Council in 1992.

Rossendale Local List Original

This was revised and updated in connection with the proposals for the Rossendale District Plan in 2006, again by networking with the community.

Local List 2006 Update

Since 2013 local groups have again been invited to contribute any further items for inclusion in the List through the Local Area Forums in Bacup, Rawtenstall, Haslingden and Whitworth. These too are now being added to the List, whilst again updating it by
removing any buildings demolished or upgraded to full Listed Status.

Local List August 2017 Update

The Lists published here are the result of continuing joint consultation amongst many local organisations and are part of an established and ongoing process. A distillation of these Lists will be used by Rossendale Borough Council as a Supplementary Planning
Document in company with the forthcoming District Plan.

For further information see ‘Local Heritage Listing’ Historic England Advice note 7
available on line as a PDF.