There is currently a national audit of war memorials by the Imperial War museum. They are looking to update their records for all memorials, not just cenotaphs. Be them plaques on a wall, gardens or just park benches they need to know, as many have been lost, or misplaced over the years. Some are even recorded as destroyed when they are really just in storage.

We are trying to help track down some of these memorials in Rossendale. If you have any information on lost memorials please

Send us an Email and we’ll see what we can do to update their information.

UPDATE July 2016

Our War Memorial Project is bringing together a list of memorials of all kinds and collecting a lot of fascinating information. We still have to track down several that are recorded by the Imperial War Museum List, but are currently missing although we have found three that were recorded as lost and are now confirmed as found!

The next phase is to apply for grants to pay of repairs and refurbishment of those memorials that are in most need. Through the erosion of time, or otherwise damaged. This may take some time but we are now trying to get the contacts lined up.

Meanwhile there is a small exhibition of the project and any new developments at the Weavers’ Cottage. Showing a selection of all the memorials we’ve recorded. From the Great to the small across the valley.


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