Bus Station Update March 2017


Concerns continue about the proposed bus station in Rawtenstall town centre. Rossendale Civic Trust’s investigation has discovered that the roads surrounding the site have yet to be subject to an official Closing Order. Until this issue is addressed work on the project can not continue.

There are several objections to the Closing Order, including our own. We, and others, are very concerned as to how the closing of several well used roads will effect the flow of traffic in the heart of Rawtenstall. While the Council has presented their outline plan for this it has yet to be officially addressed and we feel that it’s implementation will create even more problems then it is supposed to solve.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.


Rawtenstall Town Hall Update

A new proposal was submitted regarding the old Town Hall just before Christmas:-





What does this proposal for a new entrance to the old Town Hall say about present day Rossendale?  2017 is the 50th anniversary of legislation to protect and enhance Conservation Areas. Much has been learned in that time about respecting older buildings and blending modern ones into the townscape. Has the message got back here yet?

We have put in a strong objection and a request for a return to the drawing board for something much more compatible with 21st century expectations.

And we haven’t yet ruled out the possibility of keeping at least some of the building (and the irreplaceable stonework) that is there now…………..

Rawtenstall Town Centre September 2016 Update


For the last few years there has been a slowly developing project to redevelop Rawtenstall’s town centre. At the heart of these plans is the demolition of existing buildings, including the historic Town Hall and the construction of a new, more modern, bus station in the town square.

While we would be the first to agree that the current Rawtenstall Bus Station is in desperate need of an upgrade the planned bus station is, in our opinion; unfeasible, impractical, out of keeping with the town. In turn we strongly oppose any demolition of the old Town Hall, which is one of the few remaining icons of the classic Rawtenstall townscape. We believe this action would be for the worse.

Both ourselves and national historical groups have protested against this development and through hard work, dedication and some intensive campaigning have been able to save part of the old Town Hall. Forcing the developers to re-think their plans, however the battle is not won yet. Nearly half of the landmark building is still scheduled for, what we feel is, needless destruction. The only thing gained by this act would be a handful of parking spaces, already earmarked for private use.

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