It has been brought to our notice that the web site has not had any additions for some time – so now to make amends!


The Trust is alive and well, with a healthy bank balance and rising membership. Our Weavers’ Cottage HQ has new windows, replicating the ones that were there in the 1940s, when they were believed to be original. We are busy putting our collection back together in new exhibition mode, and look forward to welcoming visitors again this

Also, hopefully, Rawtenstall will soon be more presentable and accessible. We have had almost ten years of delays, disruption and road closures, which have seriously hampered the life of the town.

Picking up from one of the last comments on the site, it must be said that the Council’s decision to pull out of the many ambitious scheme put forward for Valley Centre Part 2 seems to have been widely welcomed. Well, it was predicted that it wouldn’t work, and now’s the time to go back to the drawing board and make something of the space we are left with.

Of course we have the new bus station at last, and surely more can be of that? If the retail spaces facing the empty square aren’t taken up by commercial users, can we find community uses for them? Just as the former Astoria was linked to the old square for both indoor and outdoor events, can these covered spaces be used for presentations,
exhibitions etc. linked to events on the new space? Above all let’s be positive about this – it is a great opportunity to get something worth while out of all the effort and change.

But this comes with a warning; our town centres, Bacup, Rawtenstall and now Haslingden, are Conservation Areas, and that means all that goes with them. The idea of Conservation Areas was put forward over 50 years ago, with the idea of carefully nurturing what was felt to be worth treasuring from the work of previous generations. That did not mean preservation without change, but to guard against unsympathetic change to things people love, and there is a great danger that the input of unprecedented amounts of money from Government grants could lead to bold and unsympathetic interventions. This is something that must be monitored; while we add our own imprints to our towns, care must be taken not to eradicate what has survived from the past, and that includes the feel and character of the place as well as the buildings themselves. Current buzz words and phrases such as ‘harm and benefit’ need to be properly understood, and above all, the people who live and work in those places should be consulted at an early stage on any proposals.

There is a lot of work for Civic Trusts and Societies like ours to do not only in Rossendale but across the whole country, and Rossendale Civic Trust is a part of that national movement, and will continue to work with colleagues at all levels and in all places to make our environment better for all.


More events…

Rawtenstall’s 1940s WEEKEND

If you’re in Rawtenstall for the 40’s weekend this bank holiday don’t forget to pop in to our 1940s ‘cafe’ on the Sunday and Monday (May 28th and 29th) between 1.30 and 4.30pm

Come and try a taste of the past – things you might have forgotten, or things you’ve only heard about!

Plus of course all our usual displays, information and unique local souvenirs are for sale.

All profits, as always, go to the upkeep of the Cottage!

For more details, Contact us



We are hoping to have a stand at the Rawtenstall Flood Forum event at St. Mary’s Chambers this June. This is planned to be a major event, looking to promoting solutions to issues arising from flooding in the Valley.

The event will be open from 2.00 – 8.00pm and we hope to have material on display, showing how our area has historically suffered from flooding.

There will be lots more from other exhibitors, plus refreshments provided.

Watch the local Press and this website for more details!




Flowers at the Cottage; 1.00pm -5.00pm

Rossendale Valley Flower Club are accepting the challenge of flower
arrangements to compliment and enhance our unique Weavers’ Cottage; we
did this once before and the results were amazing. Open 1.00pm until
5.00pm every day, free admission.


1940s Food Favourites – Sunday 28th and Monday 29th 1.00pm -5.00pm

To complement Rossendale’s 1940s weekend, we are reviving memories –
and tastes – of wartime food; try some of the things you would have
had for tea during rationing! Ingenious recipes and forgotten

But don’t forget, we will be open on Saturday May 27th as usual.

SATURDAY MAY13th and SUNDAY MAY 14th. Mills’ Weekend

Grane Mill, Haslingden. Open 11.30am – 4.00pm both days.
Grane Mill, off Bury Road in Haslingden, has recently been Listed as
Grade II*, putting in the top quarter of the country’s best buildings.
The huge steam engine and its housing are a scheduled Ancient
Monument, even more prestigious. This is a rare chance to see this
complex which is slowly but surely being restored.


3rd Annual Craft Fair

At the Weavers’ Cottage, October 7th and 8th.
Demonstrations and crafts for sale; our successful event is now a firm
favourite and looks even more promising. Make this a ‘must’ in your